About us

We are a Polish manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the retail food store industry, confectionery-bakery industry and gastronomy.

We have been present on the market for over thirty years, investing in the latest technologies and human capital.

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We offer comprehensive refrigeration services that not only cover the supply, but also the equipment installation and service


We create products designed by individual customer solutions, which is possible with our 30 years of experience


We manufacture a wide range of heating devices for gastronomy


We design and create solutions supporting Omnichannel in food storage and distribution


We implement new refrigeration technologies based on our own integrated solutions in BMS environments


We care about the environment, particularly for the optimization of the equipment energy consumption

Over 300

products in our standard offer

Over 50

countries of the world on our map of sales

Over 30

years of experience


Establishment of IGLOO

IGLOO was founded in 1986. Since the very beginning, we have been guided by the idea of creating innovative equipment with a unique look and excellent performance.


Building a market position

The 1990s was a time of very dynamic development at our company. Modernization, extension and refinement of machinery, as well as the expansion of the infrastructure have allowed us to increase our production output very quickly. This allowed us to consolidate our position in the refrigeration industry and set ambitious goals.


Further modernization and development

This year was special in terms of investments in modern technologies. We modernized our IT systems and purchased state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our halls have been fitted with the latest machining centers, semi-automatic assembly lines, fifth-generation lasers, feeders, bending centers, paint lines, wood and aluminum processing centers, glass processing centers and many more.


Revolution in management

The 21st century has brought new challenges and opportunities to our company. The implemented modernizations allowed us to significantly increase our sales in the countries of Central Europe, Western Europe and North America. We have changed the approach to management, obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate and introduced the advanced ERP/MRP Microsoft Dynamics AX management system.


Dynamic changes

Our machinery, although heavily invested into already, was subjected to constant modernization and expansion. Older-generation machines have given way to new ones, supported by modern digital technologies. This allowed us to take our next step in the development of sales.


The future is today

While you are looking at our products, we are working on their next versions and variants. After over 30 years on the market, we look into the future with pride. The challenges that development of modern technologies brings us, the ever-changing market and consumer behavior, are driving us to action.

Mission and strategy

We know how important customer satisfaction is for the functioning of a company. That's why we decided to support our mission of "Supporting the success of our clients" on the satisfaction of our equipment users. Our mission is aided by our strategy, which assumes further strengthening of our position as the leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment through the expansion of distribution channels in Europe and in other continents.

Quality policy

We implement our Quality Policy every day. We have successfully introduced, and are constantly improving, a quality system based on ISO 9001. Our products are designed to meet all safety and functionality requirements, are easy to use, have the highest durability and attractive appearance. We strive to meet the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

We do everything possible to ensure that our products:

  • meet all applicable norms and requirements for safety and functionality
  • are intuitive and simple to use
  • offer the greatest possible durability and aesthetic quality

We work for the good of our clients by:

  • implementing modern technological solutions
  • constantly improving our products
  • systematically raising our employees' qualifications
  • producing energy-efficient devices adapted to the specific needs of particular industries
  • ensuring professional service

Environmental protection

We have developed our production methods in such a way that they have no negative impact on the natural environment. We make sure that our business partners also have an appropriate environmental policy.

When constructing devices, we place special emphasis on energy efficiency and the use of ecological refrigerants.

Research and development

Constant technological progress is one of the primary directions in our company's development. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure and our own R&D center, we can constantly work on new technologies and their implementation.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

We all operate in specific social and cultural conditions. Supporting activities in this area is the duty of every responsible entrepreneur. We help local sports with commitment, and over the years have supported many talents and enthusiasts who are now successful internationally.


Poznaj najnowsze urządzenia IGLOO, które zapewniają optymalną i stabilną


Poznaj najnowsze urządzenia IGLOO, które zapewniają optymalną i stabilną


Poznaj najnowsze urządzenia IGLOO, które zapewniają optymalną i stabilną


Poznaj najnowsze urządzenia IGLOO, które zapewniają optymalną i stabilną