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  • PLUG-IN - Devices with an internal refrigerating unit

    Refrigerated counters

    Refrigerated display cases comprise the most developed line of appliances in IGLOO’s offer, adjusted in terms of style, colour, and size to a wide range of clients.


    Display coolers are one of the major product groups offered by IGLOO. A set of display stands may be cooled both by built-in refrigerating units, and by an external CENTRAL unit – which is us

    Freezing Counters and Islands

    Freezing appliances include open-top freezers and display cases. Thanks to a proper structure and well-adjusted cooling system, our open-top freezers are characterised by exceptionally high e

    Reach In Cooling Cabinets

    The variety of our cabinets, their adjustability to individual client needs, as well as high quality, reliability, and eye-catching colours, will surely let You make the best choice. This cat

    Reach In Freezing Cabinets

    Freezing cabinets are professional appliances for storage and display of products kept in low temperatures. The number of variants enables the adjustment of appliances to individual requireme

    Pastry Display Counters

    Pastry display cases, with their modern design and reliability have gained the recognition of our clients. This is the reason why IGLOO is a leader in the production of cooling appliances for

    Ice-cream dispensers

    Ice cream showcases are excellent devices for storage and display of scooped ice cream. With their modern design and the latest in refrigeration engineering, IGLOO units ensure effective pres

    Salad Display Units

    Salad bars are a group of cooling appliances created with the purpose of efficient display of salads and fruit. Due to large front space, enabling individual brand-marking, they are also an e