Temperature range: +1ºC/+10ºC
Refrigerating unit:
500 Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R290 / R134a
static cooling
glass doors and glass back wal More
1 AG
beverage fridge cabinets
NameEWA 500.1
Length [mm]620
Height [mm]2000+/10
Depth [mm]740
Capacity [dm3]500
Display area [m²]0,75
Total Display Area (TDA) [m²]-
Temp. range [°C](+1 ± +10°C)
Temp. class-
Climate class-
Energy efficiency classC
RefrigerantR134a / R290
Rated voltage [V]230/50Hz
Rated power [W]293
 EWA 1 The presented class applies to selected device modules. The classes for the individual modules may differ.
The indication of the energy class for the selected device configuration is given on the attached label.
internal cooling aggregate placed on the bottom
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
external housing made of coated steel - different colors available (Igloo pattern book)
interior made of white coated steel
hinged doors with combined glass – choice of door opening direction
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
5 pcs of plastified reticulated shelves, with height adjustment + lower base shelf
price stripes – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
top panel illuminated with LED light – different plexiglass colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
automatic defrost
codenser outlet to container
single vertical interior lighting – LED light
electronic temperature controller with digital display (IGLOO)
condenser impurity or fan operation failure alarm
external housing color – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
external housing made of stainless steel
interior made of stainless steel
horizontally divided doors
hinged doors self – closer
door lock with key
fan stopping switch
plastified strengthened shelves
chrome reticulated shelves
chrome strengthened reticulated shelves
additional plastified reticulated shelf + handle set
additional plastified reticulated strengthened shelf + handle set
additional chrome reticulated shelf + handle set
additional chrome reticulated strengthened shelf + handle set
internal top and side illumination – LED lights
internal frame with 9 stainless steel drawers (excludes the interior lighting)
automatic condenser vaporization
device with temperature range from -6 °C to 0 °C
electronic temperature recorder + software
temperature recorder wire
SMS alarm module + temperature recorder with emergency power supply
USB-MGSM TTL wire for SMS module programming
Technical drawing EWA 1

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