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We present the latest product catalog, dedicated to CONVENIENCE stores. It contains examples of devices that are the equipment of such stores. A special dedicated visualization was created, showing the entire store equipped with IGLOO devices !!! As you can see, the entire store can be equipped in one company - i.e. IGLOO.

ICECRAFT freezing gondola

The ICECRAFT freezing gondola is intended to be used in self-service shops. It provides very easy access to the products and various types of frozen food (e.g. fruit and vegetable mixes or frozen ready meals).

Proxima SQR

Proxima SQR FULL LIGHT is a version of PROXIMA with straight front glass. It has no artificial lighting. The counter is powered by an external unit and has been designed with the largest sales areas. The appliance is equipped with a system of elevated glass panes. An additional advantage of PROXIMA is the possibility of even distribution…

Samos Deep

SAMOS is the most popular counter line in IGLOO’s offer. Its versatility, number of variants and unique features such as innovative glass opening system without telescopes, maximized display surface or capacious storage space quickly gained the trust of our customers. The appliances can be powered by the internal as well as by the external…

Innova - Players Cafe Liberia…

A film made at airport in Costa Rica, in a restaurant that has undergone renovation. Apart from the employees, the main role is played by a series of INNOVA devices.

Anti-bacterial devices - "BOX…

The devices contain a built-in "BOX UV-C" module, which eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi in 99% !!! The module is SAFE (closed in a special casing) and the principle of operation is VERY simple. We invite you to watch the presentation and the film.

A new line of confectionery and…

We advise how to equip your confectionery and bakery so that, in addition to extraordinary devices, it is also stylistically consistent and has an unusual design.


IGLOO Around the World

We are a Polish manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, inverter and cogeneration units for the food industry / supermarkets and confectionery, baking and catering industries. We provide sales-related services (servicing, assembly, modernization) and implement new technologies (monitoring and remote management) that facilitate our clients'…

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Targi Euroshop 2020

Short report from EUROSHOP 2020 fairs. IGLOO more than cooling presented 10 new products in one stand !!!


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