Air dryer

Air dryer

The OP dryers are also adapted to operation in difficult dusty conditions and are equipped with highly-efficient, durable and easy to clean polyurethane filters that do not need replacement. Robust design and top quality subassemblies coupled with easy operation allow trouble-free, ergonomic operation and long life. Current operation does not require qualified personnel.


Sterylis - room sterylizer

ROOM STERYLIZERS VS are innovative disinfecting and sterilizing units with air filtration function, which use high-performance bacteriological and virucidal UV - C lamps and a very efficient OZONE GENERATOR.

Regały i lady sklepowe

NEUTRAL – neutral equipment

IGLOO offers also neutral equipment, that is pastry-bakery racks and sale racks without the cooling or heating function. They are a perfect supplement for displaying products that do not require special temperatures.

HOT - Urządzenia grzewcze

HOT – heating equipment

A part of our product range is available in the heating variant for storage of display of products at high temperatures. Such equipment performs excellently in restaurants and bars, and in the “food-to-go” or „grab-and-go” points of sale.

Urządzenia specjalistyczne

Other products

Many years of experience I production and a modern machine park allow us to implement tailor-made projects for demanding customers. Do business with us!