King Inverter - energy-efficient multidecks

The energy-efficient KING INVERTER multideck is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to take care of the environment and reduce electricity costs at the same time. This high-tech multideck is designed for maximum energy efficiency, significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


Firtella - Line of appliances for confectionery

The Firtella line of display cases has been designed with modern sales concepts in mind, where flexibility of arrangement and the ability to react quickly to changes in the assortment, even during the day, are necessary.


Single VARIANT multiple variants

An innovative family of refrigerated racks that meets the needs of even the most demanding customers. The main advantage of the equipment is that it fits any store area, as different dimensions are offered both in width, depth and height - as many as 168 models in total! Specially prepared design gives as much as 80% visibility of goods display…


Discover IGLOO MultiTherma - innovative heat pump designed and produced by IGLOO

Heat pumps - this is the buzzword that is currently electrifying everyone around the Europe and the rest of the world. To meet the expectations of the market and customer needs, IGLOO – the leading refrigeration & energy saving solutions producer in Europe - using all of competences and more than 35 years of experience in refrigeration industry,…


PRESTIGE IN SHOWCASES - new line of confectionery equipment "PARIS"

We present another line of devices dedicated to the bakery and confectionery industry under the name "PARIS" The Paris range has been designed so that customers can view the products in all their glory. The entire line is made up of several modules that can be easily adapted to any store space. The devices are ideal for selling not only…


Product catalog, dedicated to CONVENIENCE stores

We present the latest product catalog, dedicated to CONVENIENCE stores. It contains examples of devices that are the equipment of such stores. A special dedicated visualization was created, showing the entire store equipped with IGLOO devices !!! As you can see, the entire store can be equipped in one company - i.e. IGLOO.


Basia NEO

In 2021, the Basia Neo counter was created. Basia Neo was designed for selling and displaying dairy products, cold cuts, meat, and cheese.



The ICECRAFT freezing gondola is intended to be used in self-service shops. It provides very easy access to the products and various types of frozen food (e.g. fruit and vegetable mixes or frozen ready meals). It has a large display area, high-insulation side glazing units, and double LED strip lights. The whole structure is covered by specially…


Anti-bacterial devices – „BOX UV-C”

The devices contain a built-in "BOX UV-C" module, which eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi in 99% !!! The module is SAFE (closed in a special casing) and the principle of operation is VERY simple. We invite you to watch the presentation and the film.


MAXIM 2 Refrigerated display case for self-service sale

MAXIM 2 is a perfect solution for displaying food products sold in self-service, impulse format. It has been designed to provide full access to the products and transparency from 4 sides. It is perfect for both small shops and supermarkets. It has a set of wheels for easy rearrangement in the shop and to change the location of the unit as…


Line of confectionery and bakery equipment CUBE

The CUBE represents an elegant and modern form of design. It is characterized by a panoramic display space. Thanks to large glass surfaces it is a great place to display cakes, pies, chocolate products.