Temperature range: +1ºC/+10ºC
Refrigerating unit: Internal
Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R404a / R507 / R448 / R449
The KING EVO cabinet is a unit created by optimising the popular KING AT cabinet. It was possible to increase the depth of the shelves, at the same time decreasing the depth of the cabinet. The unit features a special profile which makes it possible to fit a roller blind or a door system of choice – sliding or turning doors – depending on the client’s individual needs. It is not necessary to completely remove the profile, which means that it is possible to change the selected option after the device has been installed.
Self-closing sliding doors with combined glass
Hinged doors with combined glass
Length [mm]10001310161019202540
Height [mm]2150+/102150+/102150+/102150+/102150+/10
Depth [mm]820820820820820
Capacity [dm3]748966120814491944
Display area [m²]2,83,74,65,57,4
Total Display Area (TDA) [m²]-----
Temp. range [°C](+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)
Temp. class-----
Climate class-----
Energy efficiency classCCCCD
RefrigerantR404a / R507 / R448 / R449R404a / R507 / R448 / R449R404a / R507 / R448 / R449R404a / R507 / R448 / R449R404a / R507 / R448 / R449
Rated voltage [V]230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz
Rated power [W]66888789811651469
 KING EVO The presented class applies to selected device modules. The classes for the individual modules may differ.
The indication of the energy class for the selected device configuration is given on the attached label.
energy efficient cooling aggregate HITACHI placed on the back of the device
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
insulated side panels made of white coated steel - selectable colour (IGLOO pattern book)
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
bottom panel with coloured sheet - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
base and front panel made of white coated steel (contact the Igloo sales department)
innovative system of the upper assembly profile
additional internal top illumination – LED lamp (color of choice: white, confectionery or meaty “deep pink”)
interior and reinforced display shelves with adjustable height and suspension angle (6 levels + base shelf) from color-coated sheet - colors to choose from (Igloo pattern book)
PETG plastic fence for the goods (vivak)
price stripes – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
night roller blind
automatic defrost
automatic condensate pump (up to 0,6m height)
electronic temperature controller with digital display (IGLOO)
device without side panels prepared for multiplexing (MOD/A)
insulated sides with silkscreen print
the sides combined with a mirror (ext. glass with full silkscreen, int. mirror)
insulated side panels made of stainless steel
custom colour of full insulated sides (after consultation with the Igloo sales department)
custom bottom panel colour (after consultation with the Igloo sales department)
custom upper panel colour with aluminium profile (after consultation with the Igloo sales department)
bottom stainless steel panel
custom colors of device interior and exposition shelves (after consultation with the Igloo Sales Department)
device interior and exposition shelves made of stainless steel
interior and rack display shelves made of stainless steel
additional shelf backlight - magnetic LED profile with changeable position
top mirrors
meat hooks – long
powder painted evaporator
automatic defrost
fixed partition made of PETG (plexiglass)
electronic temperature control with digital display (Igloo) with integrated temperature recorder (mini USB)
temperature recorder wire
Technical drawing KING EVO

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