PROXIMA is the latest refrigeration display case line powered by an external refrigeration unit, dedicated for the largest surface markets and supermarkets. The device has a system of telescopic raised windows with possibility of holding in any position which enables easy stock management. An additional feature of PROXIMA is the possibility of free layout of device bases to match the installation requirements of large ventilation systems. The version with straight front window is also available.

  • Temperature range3M1/3M2/3H1 oC

  • Refrigerating unit: External

SpecificationsProxima 1.25Proxima 1.88Proxima 2.50Proxima 3.75
Length [mm]1250187525003750
Depth [mm]1153115311531153
Height [mm]1103+/-101103+/-101103+/-101103+/-10
Rated voltage [V]230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz
Standard equipment
powered only by external aggregate
multiplexable device
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
external housing made of white coated steel (from the stuff side)
front panel with color-coated sheet - selectable color (IGLOO color guide)
base made of stainless steel
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
exposition area made of white coated steel
stainless steel worktop
an innovative system for raising the front window
anodised aluminum profiles color gold or silver (IGLOO pattern book)
display space thermometer
automatic defrost (electric heaters)
innovative LED lighting (selectable light color: white confectionery or meat)
refrigerant system adapted for R744 / R448A / R449A / R450A / R407F / R404A / R507 agent
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Some of the options are available only in combination with other elements or specific embodiments. Photos and drawings included in this catalogue are used only as demonstrative material and in any case do not constitute base for complain. Colors printed on paper may be different from the real one. IGLOO Company reserves the right to make technical and design changes, and the appearance of the devices as a result of modifi cations related cations related to technical development without informing the customer.