Temperature range: +1ºC/+10ºC
Refrigerating unit: External
Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R134a / R290
for individual projects (drop in unit, without front and side panels)
wooden front and side panels, stainless steel base, without bumper
exposition area made of acid resistant stainless steel, painted evaporator
instead of exposition shelves – stainless steel frame for GN containers; fans enforcing air circulation
low front glass, without lamp, without plexi night blinds
bain marie (heated water tank/well), lamp panel with ceramic heaters
outside corner More
inside corner More
NameLUZON 3.75-mod/CLUZON 3.13-mod/CLUZON 2.50-mod/CLUZON 1.88-mod/CLUZON 1.56-mod/CLUZON 1.25-mod/CLUZON 0.94-mod/C
Length [mm]375031252500187515631250938
Height [mm]1230+/-101230+/-101230+/-101230+/-101230+/-101230+/-101230+/-10
Depth [mm]1180118011801180118011801180
Capacity [dm3]729609486366303243183
Display area [m²]2,92,41,91,41,210,7
Total Display Area (TDA) [m²]-------
Temp. range [°C](+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)(+1 ± +10°C)
Temp. class-------
Climate class-------
Energy efficiency class-------
RefrigerantR404a / R507 / R448 / R449R404a / R507 / R448 / R449R404a / R507 / R448 / R449R134a / R290R134a / R290R134a / R290R134a / R290
Rated voltage [V]230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz
Rated power [W]14172226344351
LUZON–MOD/C LUZON MOD C The presented class applies to selected device modules. The classes for the individual modules may differ.
The indication of the energy class for the selected device configuration is given on the attached label.
device without side panels prepared for multiplexing (MOD/A)
powered only by external aggregate
device prepared for multiplexing
static cooling
body with service – side base flashing composed of white, coated sheet metal
front base sheets and front panel with color-coated sheet - selectable color (IGLOO color guide)
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
exposition area made of stinless steel
storage chamber made of white coated steel
storage chamber back doors – hinged (not applicable to corners)
worktop – stainless steel
anodised aluminum profiles color gold or silver (IGLOO pattern book)
straight front glass pane (which can slightly be opened)
LED lamp (color of choice: white, confectionery or meaty “deep pink”)
bumper - different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
automatic defrost
electronic temperature controller with digital display (IGLOO)
insulated plastic sides + glass sides - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
wooden sides + glass sides - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
housing with base panel from staff side made of stainless steel
front panel color different than IGLOO pattern book (please contact IGLOO sales dept.)
front panel color – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
custom front panel color (after consultation with the IGLOO Sales Department)
base panel made of stainless steel
display space with coloured sheet - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
storage chamber made of stainless steel
exposition area made of acid resistant stainless steel
storage chamber made of acid – resistant stainless steel
exposition area – stepped – 2 steps
exposition area – stepped – 3 steps
powder painted evaporator
night blinds made of plexi glass
worktop - granite grey (thickness - 20 mm)
worktop - granite Balmoral (thickness : 20 mm)
worktop – granite black (thickness : 20 mm)
additional exposition glass shelf
fans enforcing air circulation
addtional LED light in top lamp profile
automatic defrost
device with temperature range from -2 °C to +4 °C (includes electric defroster heaters)
analog thermometer
electronic temperature recorder + software
temperature recorder wire
socket with fuse
customer front shelf (aluminum profile anodised color silver or gold)
front shelf for the customer with wooden profiles and stainless steel inserts - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart) (excludes the buffer)
movable partition (low ,glass on stands , placed in expostion area)
top fixed partiton (high , glass in exposition area)
bottom fixed partition (made from stainless steel in storage chamber)
fixed insulated partition panel (increases the module length by 30mm)
runner for small movable table
small movable table for scale or cash register (400x500mm)
Technical drawing LUZON–MOD/C LUZON MOD C

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