Temperature range: 3L1 (-18/-15ºC)
Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R507 / R448 / R449 / R744
LEVEL is a frozen food combination allowing for maximum use of sales space. The appliance is powered by an external power unit and has a number of innovative solutions reducing the consumption of electricity, such as a three-chamber front glass pane or innovative LED lighting with automatic power factor compensation. The exhibition space has been designed to provide high transparency and visibility of the presented food products.
SpecificationsLEVEL 2.50 H-mod/CLEVEL 3.75 H-mod/C
Length [mm]25003750
Capacity [dm3]930
Cooling area [m2]3.78
Depth [mm]11151115
Height [mm]2240+/-152240+/-15
Evaporating temperature [°C]-30-30
Cooling power demand [W/mb]900900
Rated voltage [V]230/50Hz230/50Hz
Rated power of lighting [W]156234
Rated power [W]39815643
Electricity consumption [kWh/24h]12,818,3
powered only by external aggregate
device prepared for multiplexing
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
a system of low – emission tilting doors with triple glazing in the upper section of the counter
set of sliding glass covers
quadruple glazing front pane with screen printing in the bottom section of the counter
front top panel made of coated aluminum profile – different colors available (Igloo pattern book)
front bottom panel made of coated steel - different colors available (Igloo pattern book)
base plinth made of stainless steel with a floor seal
display space with coloured sheet - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
3 levels of plastified reticulated shelves, with suspension height adjustment + base shelf
price stripes - different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
innovative LED lighting of the cabinet (lighting colour options: IGLOO pattern book)
electronic temperature controller with digital display (Carel IR33)
2 thermometers placed in exposition area
automatic defrost (electric heaters)
mechanical expansion valve
siphoned condensate drain – diameter of the connector pipe Ø 40
refrigerant system adapted for R448A / R449A / R450A / R407F / R404A / R507 agent
insulated side panels made of white coated steel - thickness : 40 mm
customizable colour of side panels made of coated steel (contact the Igloo sales department)
insulated side panels made of stainless steel
custom colors of top front panel
custom bottom front panel colour (after consultation with the Igloo sales department)
bottom stainless steel front panel
exposition area made of stinless steel
exposition area made of acid resistant stainless steel
chrome rack shelves in the upper display area
movable reticulated partition color coated - different colors available (Igloo pattern book)
movable reticulated chrome partition
electronically switched energy-efficient fans (2.50 - qty 5 / 3.75 - qty 5)
front buffer with stainless steel profile
no thermostat - 2 x temperature sensor NTC [10kΩ]
powder painted evaporator
top outlets of the cooling circuitry
electronic expansion valve*
cooling system adopted to factor R744 (CO2) (only with electronic expansion valve)*
*more information - IGLOO sales department
Technical drawing LEVEL H


black structure white structure  brown dark grey light grey blue green red orange yellow cappucino silver gold transparent
black structure white structure brown dark grey light grey blue green red orange yellow cappucino silver gold transparent
Colour of metal parts - front RAL 9005 RAL 9003 RAL 8014 RAL 7031 RAL 7001 RAL 5005 RAL 6029 RAL 3020 - RAL 1018 - - IG 01 -
plastic fenders colors OD 05 - - - OD 06 OD 04 OD 02 OD 01 - OD 03 - - - -
Plastic price stripes colors LCP 08 LCP 02 - - - LCP 05 LCP 03 LCP 01 LCP 06 LCP 04 - - - LCP 07
plastic sides colors AB 03 AB 02 AB 01 - - - - - - - AB 05 AB 04 - -
Anodized Aluminum Profiles Colors - - - - - - - - - - - AL 02 AL 01 -

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