Temperature range: 3L1 (-22÷ -18°C)
Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R448A / R449A / R450A / R407F / R404A / R507 / R290
ADVANTA is an innovative freezing case available in single and double version. The appliance is powered by an external refrigerated unit and is dedicated for larger sale surfaces. it represents the highest level of efficiency thanks to the use of quadruple sealed windows, a system of independent evaporators and an innovative LED lighting with automatic compensation of power factor (PF). Two refrigeration systems allow you to set different temperatures in various modules (double version). In addition to technical advantages of ADVANTA the device provides a maximum display area and high level of transparency and visibility of the exposed products. It is characterized by the modern design.
Length [mm]1875250037501980
Height [mm]955+/-15955+/-15955+/-15955+/-15
Depth [mm]1050105010501050
Capacity [dm3]3364981045600
Display area [m²]1,191,463,11,8
Total Display Area (TDA) [m²]2,042,663,91"1,95"
Temp. range [°C](-22 ± -18°C)(-22 ± -18°C)(-22 ± -18°C)(-22 ± -18°C)
Temp. class3L13L13L13L1
Climate class3333
Energy efficiency classFFFF
RefrigerantR448A / R449A / R404A / R507R448A / R449A / R404A / R507R448A / R449A / R404A / R507R448A / R449A / R404A / R507
Rated voltage [V]400/50Hz400/50Hz400/50Hz400/50Hz
Rated power [W]3273,539964856,53266,5
powered only by external aggregate
device prepared for multiplexing
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
quadruple glazing front pane with screen printing
front panel with color-coated sheet - selectable color (IGLOO color guide)
base plinth made of stainless steel with a floor seal
display space with coloured sheet - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
electronic temperature controller with digital display (Carel)
display space thermometer
automatic defrost (electric heaters)
mechanical expansion valve
siphoned condensate drain – diameter of the connector pipe Ø 40
refrigerant system adapted for one of the following media - R448a / R449a / R450a / R407F / R404A/R507 / R290
sides made of quadruple cobined glass with print screen (Advanta Head as standard)
necessary parts (elements) for island setup
innovative LED lighting (choice of light colour – confectionery, white or meaty
front panel color – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
exposition area made of stinless steel
exposition area made of acid resistant stainless steel
set of sliding glass covers
movable reticulated partition color coated - different colors available (Igloo pattern book)
movable reticulated chrome partition
electronically commutated energy-saving fans (2.50 - 2pcs. / 3.75 - 3 pcs. / HEAD - 2pcs.)
innovative LED lighting ( lighting colour options: white confectionery or meaty )
front buffer with stainless steel profile
no thermostat - 2 x temperature sensor NTC [10kΩ]
electronic expansion valve*
powder painted evaporator
cooling system adopted to factor R744 (CO2) (only with electronic expansion valve)*
*more information - IGLOO sales department
Technical drawing ADVANTA

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