IGLOO treats sports as an important area of social life, which is why we sponsor Bochnia riders group Techgis Cycling Team, thus exercising the strategy to actively promote the development of sports that help the upbringing of the younger generation and shape our leisure culture.

Savage marathon MTB: 3rd place for M. Salis!

On 21 August, one of the hardest and longest bicycle marathons took place in Poland - the Supermarathon MTB Kellys Podhalański. This time too, the riders of the Techgis Cycling Team decided to prove their worth and fight for the top place on the podium. The third place in the grueling distance of 200 km was taken by Mateusz Salis. More info at

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MTB: The first medals of the new season

In recent weeks, riders from Bochnia competed in several cycling marathons, winning their first prizes in this season. The season took off with bad weather at the competition in Zabierzów. Then there was the marathon of the Cyklokarpaty 2011 in Iwonicz Zdroj, the Bike Marathon in Zawoja and the competition in Muszyna. More competitions and new challenges are soon to come. More info at

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