June 26, 2023, is World Refrigeration Day. The main theme of the celebration is "Next Generation Refrigeration" #NextGenCooling and the achievement of Net Zero goals.

The refrigeration and construction industries want to emphasize that more refrigeration innovations are needed. Their goal is to achieve global energy efficiency and Net Zero goals.

IGLOO's latest innovations are 100 percent in line with this goal set for the refrigeration industry. The company recently unveiled the IGLOO MultiEnergy system, which provides heat and cold and manages energy recovery. The use of this solution allows energy savings of more than 80 percent. This means - in practical terms - getting closer to the realization of a facility's net zero carbon emissions (Net Zero).

As activists point out on WorldRefrigerationDay.org, "this year's celebration aims to raise awareness of how the modern cooling industry is adapting and evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities of increasing demand for low carbon cooling and heating solutions in warming climates.

Air conditioning is responsible for almost 20% of the total electricity used in buildings globally, according to the International Energy Agency and demand is predicted to keep rising steeply during the next three decades. When we add to this percentage the hundreds of millions of refrigeration and freezing equipment in operation worldwide, the sum of energy consumption increases significantly.

IGLOO, continuously since 1986, has provided innovative products and solutions that effectively reduce electricity consumption and lower carbon emissions, minimizing environmental impact in more than 50 countries on 5 continents.

World Refrigeration Day is celebrated on the birthday of William Thomson, the British scientist known as Lord Kelvin, the discoverer of absolute zero temperature.

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