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    Agregat MCP 25

    Ambient temperature: -25°C +45°
    Cooling capacity [kW]: 25
    Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R449A, R448A, R407A, R407H, R407F, R507A, R404A
    SpecificationsAgregat inwerterowy MultiCool+
    CODEMCP 25
    Length [mm]1510
    Depth [mm]615
    Height [mm]1915
    Cooling capacity [kW]25
    Liquid pipe connection [mm]18
    Gas pipeline connection [mm]28
    Type of compressorInwerterowa
    RPM speed1000-7200
    Oil separatorTak
    Type of oilEmkarate RL 32 3MAF
    Medium tank [l]25
    Pressure PS29
    Safety valve [bar]29
    RefrigerantR449A, R448A, R407A, R407H, R407F, R507A, R404A
    compressor with adjustable performance adapted for the inverter operation
    EC fan
    DC inverter
    programmable controller
    graphical service panel
    fluid tank
    safety valve
    oil separator
    liquid separator
    ball valves with service spigots
    additional fan for the electrical compartment and compressor
    heater for the electrical and compressor compartment
    heater for the compressor crankcase
    electrical safety
    electrical panel
    set of pressure switches and pressure relays
    fluid sight glass visible from the outside
    liquid fluid separator at the vacuum
    compressor transport lock
    standard finned coil condenser
    aesthetic construction / rigid metal powder coated aluzinc monobody
    the highest quality components
    mounting feet
    low noise level
    compressor with variable capacity
    super quiet EC fan with variable capacity
    stepless capacity control unit
    simple wiring
    low vibration device
    works with agents R449A, R448A, R407A, R407H, R407F, R507A, R404A
    working range from -25 ° C to + 45 ° C external temperature
    compatible with BMS
    very high performance characteristics
    low energy consumption
    modern, attractive design
    corrosion-resistant housing
    suitable for upright assembly and hanging
    can be connected to existing monitoring network
    possible to construct your own monitoring network

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