Temperature range: -18ºC/-10ºC
Refrigerating unit: Internal
Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R404A / R507
SpecificationsBASIA 2/1.4MBASIA 2/1.7MBASIA 2/2.1 MBASIA 2/2.5 M
Length [mm]1380168020102540
Length with the sides [mm]1380168020102550
Capacity [dm3]240300360400
Working capacity of the chamber [dm 3]240300360400
The area of shelves [m2]0,91,21,41,6
Cooling area of ​​shelves [m2]0,91,21,41,6
Side panel thickness [mm]40404040
Depth [mm]1165116511651165
Height [mm]1230+/101230+/101230+/101230+/10
Unit weight [kg]200220250270
Refrigerant/Cooling factorR404A / R507R404A / R507R404A / R507R404A / R507
Evaporating temperature [°C]-30-30-30-30
Cooling power demand [W/mb]400400400400
Rated voltage [V]230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz
Rated power of lighting [W]8,522,422,428,8
Rated power [W]90599513161945
Cooling power [W]74479610851488
Rated power of electric heaters [W]210210270332
Rated power of the evaporator heater [W]120120150186
Electricity consumption [kWh/24h]12,713,918,427,2
Load per shelf [kg/m]30303030
internal freezing aggregate
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
body with service – side base flashing composed of white, coated sheet metal
front base sheets and front panel with color-coated sheet - selectable color (IGLOO color guide)
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
display space with coloured sheet - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
worktop – stainless steel
silver or gold aluminium profiles (IGLOO colour chart)
curved front glass openable
night blinds made of plexi glass
LED lamp (color of choice: white, confectionery or meaty “deep pink”)
bumper – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
plastified reticulated baskets (765 x 295 mm)
double insulated plastic sides + glass sides - selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
automatic defrost
automatic condenser vaporization
electronic temperature controller with digital display (IGLOO)
condenser impurity or fan operation failure alarm
siphoned condensate drain – diameter of the connector pipe Ø 40
refrigerant system adapted for one of the following media - R448a / R449a / R450a / R407F / R404A/R507 / R290
device without side panels prepared for multiplexing (MOD/A)
housing with base panel from staff side made of stinaless steel
front panel color different than IGLOO pattern book (please contact IGLOO sales dept.)
front panel color – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
custom front panel color (after consultation with the IGLOO Sales Department)
base panel made of stainless steel
exposition area made of stinless steel
exposition area made of acid resistant stinless steel
powder painted evaporator
worktop – granite grey (thickness : 20 mm)
worktop – granite Balmoral (thickness : 20 mm)
worktop – granite black (thickness : 20 mm)
set of wheels (castors)
addtional LED light in top lamp profile
electronic temperature recorder + software
recorder cable
customer front shelf (aluminum profile anodised color silver or gold)
runner for small movable table
small movable table for scale or cash register (400x500mm)

Granite colors







W związku z wykorzystywaniem naturalnych granitów do produkcji urządzeń, firma IGLOO informuje, że odcień i struktura może się różnić w poszczególnych seriach urządzeń i nie jest to uznawane jako wada produktu.


black structure white structure black * white * brown dark grey light grey blue green red orange yellow cappucino silver gold transparent
Colour of metal parts - front RAL 9005 RAL 9003 RAL 9005 RAL 9003 RAL 8014 RAL 7031 RAL 7001 RAL 5005 RAL 6029 RAL 3020 - RAL 1018 - RAL 9006 IG 01 -
plastic fenders colors - - OD 05 - - - OD 06 OD 04 OD 02 OD 01 - OD 03 - - - -
Plastic price stripes colors - - LCP 08 LCP 02 - - - LCP 05 LCP 03 LCP 01 LCP 06 LCP 04 - - - LCP 07
plastic sides colors - - AB 03 AB 02 AB 01 - - - - - - - AB 04 AB 05 - -
Anodized Aluminum Profiles Colors - - - - - - - - - - - - - AL 02 AL 01 -
* Available to 31.12.2018

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