• Temperature range+1/+10 oC

  • Refrigerant/Cooling factorR404A / R507

  • Refrigerating unit: External

SpecificationsKING 1.0 ATKING 1.3 ATKING 1.6 ATKING 1.9 ATKING 2.5 AT
Length of the module without sides [mm]9201230153018402460
Capacity [dm3]748966120814491944
Working capacity of the chamber [dm 3]748966120814491944
The area of shelves [m2]2,83,74,65,57,4
Side panel thickness [mm]4040404040
Depth [mm]770770770770770
Height [mm]2170+/102170+/102170+/102170+/102170+/10
Internal height [mm]16351635163516351635
Refrigerant/Cooling factorR404A / R507R404A / R507R404A / R507R404A / R507R404A / R507
Evaporating temperature [°C]-10-10-10-10-10
Cooling power demand [W/mb]10001000100010001000
Rated voltage [V]230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz230/50Hz
Rated power of lighting [W]28,83445,357,657,6
Rated power [W]92119130165197
Electricity consumption [kWh/24h]1,31,71,82,32,8
Standard equipment
powered only by external aggregate
multiplexable device
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
top and bottom front panel made of white coated steel
front panel made of painted steel - different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
interior and exposition shelves made of white coated steel
exposition shelves with height and angle adjustment
price stripes - different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
automatic condensate pump (up to 0,6m height)
internal top illumination - LED light (white color)
night roller blind
device leveling legs
automatic defrost
electronic temperature controller with digital display (IGLOO)2
1only with IGLOO thermostat2applies to master control module
1only with IGLOO thermostat1only with IGLOO thermostat3in mod/C the depth of the side panel is 700 mm (fig.2)3in mod/C the depth of the side panel is 700 mm (fig.2)4this option selection exclude price stripes and 2 rows of shelves5possible only with option 12066applies to MOD/A, MOD/C6applies to MOD/A, MOD/C7mounted between modules8possible only with full shelves8possible only with full shelves9this option selection exclude option : 111410when side panels are in device standard equipment - additional charge reduced by price of side panels made of white coated sheet11works only with an active SIM card provided by the customer12possible 2 levels instead of upper shelves
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