Air dryer OP50

Temperature range: +5ºC/+35ºC
Refrigerating unit:Internal
Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R290
OP 50 air dryers from IGLOO are highly efficient, professional compact devices used to remove vapour and dry the indoor air which feature high operational effciency reaching 97% which makes tham a class of their own and makes IGLOO the leader in innovative indoor air drying systems.
SpecificationsAir dryer OP-50
Drying capacity [l/24h]50
Drying space capacity [m3]250
Rated capacity [l/24h]43
Maximum capacity [l/24h]50
Air flow [m3/h]650
Rated current [A]2,4
Operating temperature range [°C]5-35
Water tank [dm3]6
Noise level [dBA]55
Net weight [kg]40,5
water tank 6l
possibility of connecting a water drainage hose
automatic overflow switch
de-icing smart, hot gas
filter not needing replacement
operating hours counter
electric power meter
additional heaters (for unheated rooms) - Note! Required 230/400 V power supply.
Technical drawing Air dryer OP50

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