Partner IGLOO wins the competition Market of the Year 2014


We are pleased to announce that Hany company, an authorized partner of IGLOO company, has won the competition Market of the Year 2014. The space of Vobiano market, designed by Hany company, has received the first prize in the large grocery market category. The winners in other categories of the competition include the chains Piotr i Paweł, Alma, and Topaz.

In this year's competition Market of the Year 2014 hundreds of stores across the country competed with one another. Venues of large retail chains and smaller independent stores have been assessed. One of the main criteria for selection of the winner has been the aspect of standing out from the competition. We are particularly proud that winners of the competition include also the space designed with the use of IGLOO company products. The area of the market is equipped with pastry display counters GASTROLINE CUBE, refrigerated counters SUMBA, open cooling merchandisers BARBADOS and impulse purchase merchandiser MAX.